Monday Mini Goals ...

It's been a bit hectic here in the last week or so trying to keep up with the kids and public holidays. You know, the usual ... and I don't seem to have been keeping on top of everything. Oh well! To top it off apparently we have an issue with the telephone cable that comes into our house which means for the last two weeks I have been without a telephone line and Internet ( I know, the horror of no Internet! ) ... I have limited access via my phone carrier but I just can't do what I would really like to be doing. And of course, the only resolution I have been offered involved me spending more money on wifi dongles ( !! ) and extra gigs of download ... which of course I need on top of the unlimited download I am already paying for but have no access too ... OK, so I may have vented long enough. I shall move on to more exciting topics ...

What's motivating you this week? Have you set yourself some mini goals?

My mini goals this week ... Eat healthy and nutritious foods that will help fuel my training. Of course I might allow myself a treat once but I'm going out for dinner on Friday night so that might be my treat this week! I will exercise 5 days this week as I really need to stay consistent with my training so that I can run a half marathon again this year. I'm making this week a lighter training week as my hamstring is a bit niggly.

Stick with it Fit people .. Baby steps will get you there!


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I'm set for the next couple of weeks! At home sweaty mess workout is made for me!!