Monday Motivation ... Half way through the April Challenge!

Hello Monday! 

Welcome to another week and we are halfway through the Active April Challenge
Are you still on track? 
Do you feel you are getting stronger doing your push ups and planks?

Last week I missed a few days when I was sick with a virus and there was no chance I was going to be bouncing around with a skipping rope! I did do push ups and planks when I could.

Today, it's time to increase the intensity again!

Push ups .. We are up to 30 a day! You can do them as 3 sets of 10 if you prefer.
Skipping .. 150 skips! Again, you can do them in 3 sets of 50 if you prefer.
Plank ... 1 minute ... Do 2 sets of 30 seconds if you feel your form is lacking! Better to aim for great form than time when starting out.
I alternate my push ups and skipping and finish up with my plank and yep, my heart rate is right up there! Getting active!!

In other news, Mr Fit Mum and I went for a run together .. Amazing I know! Looks like we are both starting training for some long runs again!
As you already know we like to head out to the nearby reserve for many of our runs. 
Yesterday Mr Fit Mum thought he would show me the new "track" that he found .. I agreed hesitantly ... After the first 2km I was finally starting to settle into my zones when I was told to stop and take the track to the left ... there was no track that I could see! I think it would have been a track if you were a wallaby! Anyway, I thought I would humor him and followed him through the trees.

There was a creek to jump ... And logs to hurdle ...

There was a hill to climb up ... you can see hubby didn't wait for me ...

and then come back down ...

Back on the usual running track we headed the rest of the 3km home ... My calves are feeling those hills! Great run though!

How is your challenge going?
Do you exercise with your husband / partner often ... or is is grounds for divorce?


Deb said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh... I wonder does the time seem to go more quickly when you're going on a new route and have to concentrate on where you're going?

Well done on keeping up the good work especially with illness intervening.

I've used the fact that I've had a flu and virus for about 6 weeks to do almost nothing! *Sigh*