What did you do today?

What did you do today?

Did you do something that makes YOU happy?

Here's my day ...

Work.  Usual, boring bit.

After school stuff .. Dance lessons, errand running.  In the middle of this my sister and her kids came over for a shower as she has no water at her house!  It's freezing here at the moment so the thought of not being able to have a hot  shower will not be entertained!!  

Exercise ... today was the day I just didn't want to do anything.  So, I forced myself out onto the treadmill without thinking about it and completed 30 minutes and you know what, I'm so glad I did!  No excuses, no guilt!   I also completed my stretches for the day.  I am really needing these at the moment.  I see a massage in my future. 

Dinner ... A quick and easy mid week regular, Thai Chicken Mince.

And I threw together a batch of muesli as I had run out.  I know it's time for warm oats, but sometimes I still love a bowl of this in the morning with some fresh berries!

Now,  time to get the kids off to bed as I need to be sitting down and relaxed for Offspring!

How was your day?  Were you productive?

Vicki x