The Weekly Wrap up ...

I've been thinking about what I wanted to write for this week's wrap up.  

I should write something exciting about the health and fitness ventures I got up to this week but that would be in my imagination. 

I would have liked to have smashed out some seriously sweaty sessions and run at least 20km, but I didn't. 

My body was much preferring the slow, relaxing movements of yoga.

I've been feeling a little out of sync with my body this last week.  You know, not quite in the head space and some quiet time has been just what I think I needed.  Well, that and the admission that I have stayed in my pyjamas today just pottering around getting some bits and pieces caught up around the house.  I very slow day indeed in our house! 

Now I'm off to help Miss 10 make some chicken burgers for dinner .. homemade and taste amazing!

I hope everyone has had a great long weekend with lots of relaxing with family and friends! 

I can't wait to start the new week, what about you?

Vicki x