Fitness Friday ...

Back on Monday I suggested that everyone should add an extra few minutes of exercise to their day to move just that bit more? Did you add a bit extra?

I did, so I thought I would share what I included as an extra in a few of my workouts this week. 

My One minute workout ...

1 minute skipping
1 minute pushups
1 minute box jumps ( or squat jumps if no box )
1 minute burpees
1 minute ab crunches

On Monday I ran through this twice as it was a "rest" day but I really wanted to do at least 10 minutes ...

Wednesday I added one run through at the end of 30 minutes cardio .. you know, just because I felt like getting my heart rate even higher!

Today I mixed it in with my cardio .. I did a 10 minute run then ran through one repeat, then another 10 minute run and another run through.  30 minutes all up .. well spent I thought!
I didn't take a picture of my rather red, sweaty face at the end of this workout, I don't think it was all that photogenic by that stage!

Did you do any exciting workouts this week?

Vicki x