Fitness Friday .. Kettlebell qualifications ...

In last week's Fitness Friday I mentioned that I was going to a training workshop where I was going to learn all about using kettlebells and gain my Level 1 qualifications.

Well, I went, I conquered and I even managed to drive home! 

I'll start by saying that this would have been one of the best if not THE best training workshop that I have been to.

The guys were knowledgable, professional but most of all approachable!

So what are kettle bells and why do we want to train with them?

Kettlebells originated in Russia hundreds of years ago.  These guys even invented a kettlebell sport called Girevoy in which a man aims to get as many reps as he can in a certain time ... craziness I say but whatever blows your skirt up I say!

There are so many benefits to training with kettlebells and I'm not going to run you through dozens .. I'll list a couple of reasons why I am developing quite a fondness for these heavy little things ...
  • You can do a whole body workout in a short space of time .. more bang for your buck for those challenged for time ..
  • The workouts can be pretty intense so great for burning some serious calories ..
  • Great for strength and flexibility at the same time ..
  • An excellent change to the normal training routine .. no more boredom
  • This is a GREAT core workout!!
 Anyway, back to the course. 

When we arrived we watched the end of the cross fit session .. those guys and girls go pretty hard!

After the usual pleasantries we didn't waste any more time and went to choose our weapon of choice .. I attained myself a lovely purple 8kg number.  Let me just mention here that I was a little concerned about my ability to swing, push and pull an 8kg weight around for the entire day. 

Then the fun began and we spent the rest of the day apart from snack and lunch breaks on the floor learning how to maneuver the kettlebell.  After our lunch break, that weight seemed mighty heavy and my poor hands were starting to show a few calluses.  Apparently I was gripping the kettlebell too tight .. strangling it .. but I didn't want to let that bugger go! 

By the time 6pm Saturday night ( yes, 6pm Saturday night ) rolled around I was ready to go home.  I was looking forward to someone having ordered takeaway and I was going to have a nice hot shower and sit on the couch, without moving, my whole body was exhausted.
Alas, I arrived home to be informed that our dinner reservations were in 20 minutes and I needed to go and get changed!  My heart sank and there were nearly tears but I went out, ate dinner then calmly advised Mr FitMum that it was time for me to leave as I was struggling to sit up straight!  Home, sleep .. just what the doctor ordered!

The short version of the next day ... I felt like I was dragging my arms and legs at least 4 feet behind me and using cutlery by the end of the day hurt! 

Needless to say I still absolutely loved every minute of the course and can't wait to get into some more training with my new friends ( my pretty purple and vibrant yellow numbers .. ).
I can thoroughly recommend including kettlebells in your training program if you can find yourself a decent, qualified instructor!

These are the guys that I did my qualifications through and I cannot recommend them highly enough!  Their web address is

Have you trained with kettlebells?  Or would you love to give it a try?

Vicki x



Deb said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm intrigued so am gonna have to check out the site (or google kettle bells) as I guess I assumed them to be just like weights. I have used them once, but it was more of a carrying them and tossing them thing!

Glad you enjoyed the course!

Vicki said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks Deb! You'll have to come by and we can have a kettlebell training session!