This week in review ....

I'm going to start by saying that this week was a bit ho-hum.

I must also say that I have not quite got the hang of the new routine. Yes, there was the night when dinner didn't get to the table until 8.30pm.  Note that when young children go to bed at 9pm on a school night it does not make for happy children later in the week ... Naughty mummy moment that I must rectify next week!

But, I know that my parenting anomalies are no different to others ( well, I hope I'm not too far gone! ) so enough of that!

Health and Fitness is a priority for this post so here is what I got up to this week ...

Monday     I'm glad that I woke up early and went for a run this morning because as it happened, the way my day turned out, there was no running for me unless you count between the courts at Miss 10's netball gradings trying to sort out 40 odd girls into teams!

Tuesday    My yoga morning. Mr FitMum went for a run and I managed 40 minutes of yoga. Either I was working really hard or it was really hot because I was dripping with sweat by the end of it! Apparently hot yoga is the new thing ..I'm not sure if that was what they meant!

Boxing class on Tuesday nights too .. I worked hard instructing! Almost as hard as I got the girls to work! No really, almost!!!

Wednesday   Am loving my running mornings at the moment!  And loving having a running partner!  I am keeping the intensity down a little bit to change it up but still working! 

Thursday     PT today.  I'm still a bit sore in the upper body from yoga ( I know! Who would have thought? ) so my PT thought she would be a bit more gentle .. yeah right!  Then we did legs and I got through that .. until the next day ... nothing like a great glute workout ...

Friday        I'm feeling a bit sore and tired this week.  Next week might be a bit less intense.  Gave up the Friday morning run to Mr Fit Mum.  A bit of stretch was required of above glute .. ouch!

Saturday    Normally a day off, but today it is another run to make up for having Friday off.  Still a bit stiff but I love the early morning run!  Until I run onto a rock on the trail ... I thought at the time that it would probably hurt later, but then completely forgot about it until I had to walk this morning.  We love a bruised heel ...

And yes, in case you were wondering, I am thinking about using this as an excuse not to run on Monday morning. 

OK, so I'm pulling the princess card ... we'll see how it feels, I may opt for an intense bush walk instead.

Sunday      The usual rest day finishing off the housework and recovering from brother in law's 40th birthday party with an early morning swimming lesson. 
Oh and the afternoon spent writing catching up on blog posts / reading and sipping on a Mai Tai ( please don't remind me of the extra calories I am now consuming, I'll worry about them next week .. )

Hope everyone had a fabulous, productive and active weekend!

Fit Mum x