Friday Fotos .. February Photo a Day Update ...

Again I find that it's arrived at Friday and I haven't sat down this week to write anything for this blog.  It's not that I haven't wanted to.  It appears as though I'm not managing my time well.
I'm going to start trying to rectify this ...

This aside, I have kept up with my photo a day for February ( if a little late at times ).  Check out this week's efforts ...

Day 18 .. Drink

Day 19 .. Something you hate doing ...

Day 20 .. Handwriting

Day 21 .. A favourite photo

Day 22 .. Where you work

Day 23 .. Shoes 

Day 24 .. Inside your bathroom cupboard

 That's my week in photos!

Looking forward to the last few days of February ... and then to March's challenges!

Fit Mum x