Monday Motivation ... Are you making time to exercise?

Are you busy? Do you sometimes feel as though you just don't have enough time to fit everything in each day? I know I do...

Does the thought of having to make some extra time for exercise stress you out just that little bit more? 

OR .. Do you miss your first exercise session, then miss the next one? And then decide that it's all a bit hard and you will start again next week, or next month ...

Instead of putting it off, why not make the effort to fit some exercise into your day?

You know all the benefits of including exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.  Here's a reminder of some of them .... 

Exercise makes you feel good
Exercise can help you to look good
It may even help you to lose weight
It will definitely help you to maintain weight
And, it will definitely help you feel like you have more energy

I know, you're busy and you would love to fit something in but it all just seems a bit hard.

Sometimes you might need get creative when working out the scheduling of when you exercise.

Here are some obvious basics for fitting in some exercise into your day ...

Ø  Get up earlier .. before the kids .. unless of course they wake up at an ungodly hour .. in which case you may need to enlist the help of partner, hubby ... significant other ... 
Ø  Join a gym with a fabulous creche where you feel comfortable leaving the kids ...
Ø  Take the kids for a walk around the block to the park .. fresh air, exercise, a great bribe, puts them to sleep in the pram ... 

Here's a few extra ...

Ø  Take the kids to the local oval.  They play in the middle, you do laps ...
Ø  Hire / buy a DVD ... there are so many out there now there is an amazing choice
Ø  Add a quick 10 minute routine to your day ... but add it 3 times!  Wow, 30 minutes done!
Ø  After school activities sometimes have you sitting around waiting forever ... Go for a walk / run ...
Ø  Instead of coffee with the girls, head to the park for a walk ... 

Most importantly, schedule your daily exercise as an appointment with yourself.  You wouldn't dream of missing an appointment with the hairdresser, beautician etc, why miss an appointment with yourself?

On the other hand ... Do you then feel guilty for NOT fitting in your workout?  Do you berate yourself for being slack?

This has got to stop too!  It's just not possible to spread yourself around everywhere ... sometimes something just might have to give.  You just can't take on as much as you would like.  
It's not going to make you any less of a person, girlfriend, wife, mother etc ... what it is going to do is make you feel better about yourself for knowing how to balance your life out.

Whilst it is important for your health and fitness to be consistent with your training routine, it is just as important to maintain a balance between family, work, exercise and life.

What are you going to do this week to ensure that you include some exercise into your day?
Will this balance out nicely with all the other fun stuff that life has in store for you this week?

Keep it up, stay strong and focused. You know you can do it!
Fit Mum x   



Deb said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

At the moment I'm exercising during or straight after my working day. I rarely took a lunch break at work, so now I go to a gym class at lunch, or take a late lunch and go mid afternoon briefly. Or... I go straight from work because I know that if I go home I won't go out again. (I think it's important to build a program around our own habits, so for me exercising after 6/7pm is problematic, so it's important to build it into the rest of my day!)

Fit Mum said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Deb .. As long as your plan is working, I say stick with it! Love your work x