Who wants to be good?

It's Friday!!!

What have you got planned for the weekend?

If you are anything like me, things are getting busy with social functions.  Invariably these functions include food and alcohol ... possibly undoing all the good work you have done all week staying on track with your diet and exercise. Then Monday morning rolls around and the scales scare you ... it's all rather ugly.

So, how are you going to stay on track over the weekend?  That annoying word ...

Moderation ...

I know! Who can possibly practice moderation when there are fabulous parties to attend, food to be eaten and champagne to be consumed?

Look, I'm not perfect .. but I know that I can use my discretion and eat and drink what I need and enjoy without completely blowing out ... well, sometimes ...

I thought I would share some tips that I use when I really want to stay on track and not lose control.

Keep it light during the week .. Especially the day before and day after.  Be sensible though, because you still need to feed your body nourishing food and keep you functioning at your best.  If you don't eat, you feel tired and start to crave.  Who wants to feel tired when you should be dancing on tables enjoying yourself?

Drink lots of water .. We all know that we should stay hydrated.  Water is good for flushing out toxins and keeping our skin fresh and hydrated. It can also help stop the cravings so you don't end up picking at food and drinks you wish you hadn't.


If you are going to someone's place for a dinner or BBQ .. Offer to take something that you are happy to eat.  Offer to make a salad or fruit plate for dessert or veggies and hummus.  If your hostess prefers to be a control freak  is happy to cater, then see the next tip ...

Eat something before you go out if you know that there will be temptation or you know you won't be eating until later .. My favorites are an apple or some yoghurt and berries. It won't spoil your appetite but you won't feel the need to scoff the first thing that passes under your nose!


Don't get carried away with your beverages ... These empty calories make you feel crap the next day, ruin your skin and dehydrate you, particularly if you over indulge!  I'm not saying go dry, but it's probably not going to be the last drink you ever have! There will be others!

Avoid the naughty fillers .. The bread basket, chips, dips, cheese, crackers ... You don't really need these. They spoil a good meal later and after you have eaten too much you feel bloated, uncomfortable and ick ...


Have a plan before you go and stick to it ... Have an entree and not dessert or vice versa ... Have an entree size main meal ... Don't overfill yourself .. You know you will feel uncomfortable after.

These tips are the things that I personally do to try and stay on track.  They are definitely not the only ones ... Most importantly, it is your choice!

What are some of your tips that save you from the big blowout when you have many social functions?

Fit Mum x