November progress update ...

I have been asking these questions of my clients this last week  ...

How are you progressing with your goals? 
Are you heading in the right direction? 
Do you need to re evaluate your goals?

So, while I was at it I thought I'd give a quick update on where I am at with my November goals.

Goal .. Keep up the regular running and gradually increase the distance. 

Progress .. I am really enjoying running again and am back to running 5.5km about 3 times per week.  I am still taking it slowly and doing HR training.  I do feel that it is working for me too at the moment. 
I am recovering well and really look forward to the next training session ( well, nearly always! ).  It is definitely helping that I have a training partner!  This is a new experience for me and it's certainly helping me get out of bed on those days that it's a little bit harder .. like Monday after a big weekend ...

Goal .. Maintain a healthy balanced diet. 

Progress .. Hmmm ... I really am trying to be balanced.  The weekends are still causing a little bit of grief but I'm doing what I can to keep myself in check.  I don't think I do too badly.  Actually, it's really just the water intake.  I need to keep reminding myself to drink a glass of water at least every hour.  Note to me .. go and get a drink of water now ...

All up, I'm staying on track and feeling great!  That's what I have been noticing the most .. I have the energy to keep going.  I must be doing something right! 

Is it time to evaluate your progress?  Are you heading the direction of your goals for the month?

Fit Mum x