The countdown begins ...

Well, honestly, the countdown began in February. That was when we booked our tickets for holidays.  Now there is only a month to go!!

OMG, I could be starting to get a little excited! We are heading to the US to have a sticky beak around California and spend Christmas with my sister and her family who are currently living over there.

I'm going to see this Christmas tree in San Francisco!

We will be there for 5 weeks so as you can imagine, I could be excused for being a little anxious about how much I will have to pack for everyone.  That and the fact that it will be winter there.  Cross your fingers for us that it is not going to be ridiculously cold.  As a Queenslander, I'm kind of fond of the warmer weather and don't function particularly well when the temperature drops below 15C!
Oh and how exciting will it be to have a cold Christmas Day!! I will have to buy a winter frock, not a summer one!! More excitement!

The obsessive planner part of my personality has lists of things to do and pack before we leave ... To be honest, I have lists for lists ... ( but don't tell Mr FitMum )

I believe that there is a method in my madness.  Well for the planning anyway, the rest of my madness I'll leave for another day ... 

I will be so totally organised and prepared that there will be no chance that I will need to flap around in the last week like some crazy woman getting ready.  I'm going to be fabulously calm and organised.  We will pack up everything into the back of the car and head to the airport calmly and serenely as if we go on big, once in a lifetime holidays all the time. 
I will look superbly sophisticated, elegant and rested before the 13 hour flight and look just as rested and unwrinkled when we hop off the plane at LAX.  Well, that's what I'm telling myself!  A lot can be said for positive thinking and visualisation ...
Along with all the organising and packing, I'm even starting to plan some mini workouts that I will be able to do.  Five weeks without exercise for me and I may possibly drive the family insane. 

M..I..C..K..E..Y  MOUSE!!

Yes there will be a lot of walking and touristy things ( particularly around Disneyland! ).


One of my favourite things though, is to go for a run and check out the sights.  There certainly will be a lot of exploring to do and by going for a run I can do a quick recon and find out all the interesting looking places ( read .. shopping / eating ... ).

Did I mention I was excited?  I love holidays!  And I love exploring new places!

When was your last holiday?  Did you do anything exciting or was it a lovely relaxing break?

Fit Mum x


sportymummy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Good luck with the elegance and sophistication! I hope you have a wonderful time!

Fit Mum said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Well I'll try anyway!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

My niece is Disneyland mad... and they are heading over to the US (from Brissy as well) for a month (all of December) and doing both Disneys (Land / World, I think). My niece is now 15 so I keep thinking she'll get past her love of all-things-Disney. They are staying at one of the Disney places for 14 days?!!

Good luck with the planning and preparation!