Monday Motivation ...

Phew! We made it through another week and weekend! 

What did you get up to on the weekend?  Did it involve some outdoor activity?  Here in Brisbane, Saturday was a gorgeous day but my only outdoor activity consisted of watching Miss 11's netball.  They played a great game by the way!

Sunday was my day for some fresh air ... long run day.  As you may know I've had to cut back on my training with a little overuse injury that has been plaguing me. 
On Friday I was given the all clear by the physio to start increasing my mileage again .. SLOWLY .. of course!  I was actually super keen to get out and run as I had been feeling pretty good.  Mr Fit Mum wasn't going to do his usual 25km this weekend so I advised him that he should still run a nice, easy 10km with the family .. OK so I wanted company!

The whole family headed off on our run ... kids on bikes, mum & dad tailing them as best we could! Baxter, the border collie, was beside himself to have everyone there!

I managed the first 5km, stopping and starting with Mr 7 on his bike, in just under 30 minutes! Yes, I was so happy! No niggly hamstrings!  The return trip was a little slower but not by much, so this Fit Mum is pretty happy today .. especially that I have pulled up well with no aches, pain or much stiffness!  Now to take the rest of my runs this week a little easy ...

Check me out with one of my support crew ... she didn't realise she had serious helmet hair!  And aren't I all matchy matchy .. even my shoes are hot pink!  And I don't wear pink!

My other challenge for the week will be to keep on track with Fit Mum's Healthy Eating Challenge this month.  I've prepared my menu for the week, did the fruit, veg and butcher run and ordered the groceries online.  They should be here any time now so the pantry will be stocked with everything I need to get healthy meals on the table without having to think!

Here's a little reminder ...
sometimes it will feel pretty tough to plan and get organised to get those healthy meals and snacks ready to go.  By sticking with a routine of planning your meals for the week and making sure you have everything you need, you will be in the habit in no time! 

I would love to hear what you have got planned to stay healthy & active this week!  Drop by Fit Mum's facebook page and let me know or leave a comment here.


Me said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Sadly my exercise went out the window this weekend but I am hoping to be back into it tonight.
Healthy eating has been a big thing for me since menopause started and now that A is serious about losing weight, there are no 'treats' that are really just big pits of weight gain waiting to be eaten, in the house !!! It does make it easier when you only have good quality healthy food in the house.
Good luck with your training !
Have a great week !