Are you passionate about your health & fitness?

Have you checked out how many awesome health & fitness bloggers there are in Australia?! 

I, personally, love to read about other people's adventures .. it keeps me motivated!

I have been thinking for a little while ( ok, like a year or so .. ) that it would be great if we could create a community where all Australia's health & fitness bloggers can come together and share their hints and tips on blogging .. and of course, health & fitness!
There are similar sorts of communities in the US, but I am thinking that we could have one just for Australian members.

It doesn't matter whether you run, jump, lift weights, do yoga or zumba as long as you are passionate about living a fun, active, healthy lifestyle we can all get together and encourage each other!

So I am putting it out there to Aussie bloggers and health & fitness enthusiasts to see if would be interested in joining this sort of community in Australia?

If you are keen, please let me know.  Either comment here, send me an email or visit Fit Mum on face book .. or on Instagram .. you know I'll be around somewhere!


Becoming Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Fantastic idea. I seem to be finding a lot of US & UK based blogs but would love more Aussie ones as I feel I can connect with them more.

Loving your blog and FB page. Keeps me motivated.

Georgia said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Agree 100% - this sort of community would be great for Aussies - there's a real lack of info on fellow healthy living bloggers :)