Healthy Eating July Challenge ...

Do you eat a few too many comfort foods in winter? I have been known to be guilty of having an extra piece of bread or an extra chocolaty hot chocolate for a "treat" after dinner ... Not much I know but it all adds up over the few months of winter. When spring comes and we want to wear less clothes we wonder where our extra "comfort layer" came from!

What can you do? I'm glad you asked!

Starting today I will be focusing on healthy eating and I know you would love to join me! This coincides with the Healthy Eating Workshop that I am doing with my clients for the next 4 weeks ... Check out the details here if you would like to come along and hang out with us!

If you can't I would still love for you to join us "virtually" and set yourself some healthy eating goals for the next 4 weeks. They don't have to be ground breaking and I don't expect you to reach any weight loss goals ... All I'm asking is that you adopt a few healthy habits that you can maintain as part of your new healthy eating lifestyle!

How do you get started? Check out my personal guidelines for some ideas on a healthy eating routine ... Remember, you don't need to make all the changes at once. Start off with one or two and add gradually and this will help you stick to your new routine. I've also listed below as checklist that you can follow each day to make sure you are sticking to some basics ...

Check in with Fit Mum on Facebook or Instagram and let me know how you are going! 
Please share your tips to staying on track as we can all use a little extra motivation sometimes!