Fit Mum Food .. What I'm eating Wednesday

I've got all the good stuff going on here this week! It's my son's birthday today .. he is 7 now! 
It just so happens that I'm starting back my "What I'm eating this Wednesday" posts today too. 
I've shared What I'm eating Wednesday many times previously but today's might not reflect my usual diet!  Please feel free to share with me, either here or on Facebook, what you are eating Wednesday!

Breakfast this morning was oats with cranberries and chia seeds. Sorry no pic, I was a bit rushed!

Morning tea ... Apple with cottage cheese. Not everyone's cup of tea but it's a great choice of protein and I'm getting in my apple a day!

Lunch .. it's getting a bit like soup weather and I after quick and easy today.

Dinner ... birthday boy's choice. He ordered pasta carbonara. The kids love it and always order it if it's their choice! I don't make it other than by special request .. calorie content and all!!

Of course there is birthday cake! Yesterday I made cupcakes for the kids at school but I didn't eat any of these .. well except for licking the beater, only a little to taste test of course! Today, I made an Oreo cake. Yep, we're on a health kick here!! On Sunday, he has his birthday party and of course there will be another cake then! 
Photography credit .. Miss 11
Happy Birthday to my baby boy! Hope you had a great day!!

On a healthier note, I made a promise to myself this morning that I would drink lots of water. I have had some ... not lots. I really must drink more water.

What did you eat Wednesday?

Stay healthy & active!


robyn said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Birthdays are always hard to eat healthily - my kids also get to pick the menu on their birthday! Happy birthday to your big boy, I also have a 7 year old and a going on 11 year old:) (Going on to being a teenager!) The rest of your meals looked pretty healthy.
I ate terriyaki chicken for dinner with loads of greens...

Becoming Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

My Wednesday was very boring in comparison. No birthday parties here. Although I have to add that I made choc chip biscuits on Monday and haven't had one. I did have a little of the mixture though. But like you said just to taste test.
So my wednesday menu was
Breakfast - muesli
Snack - Crusket with cottage cheese
Lunch - tuna on rice cakes
Dinner - ham & salad. (no hubby & kids had fish fingers & chips)
After Dinner - Greek Yoghurt.

Love the idea of an Oreo birthday cake. :)