Fit Mum Food ... What I ate Wednesday

It's Wednesday .. or so I was reminded this morning! I thought it was Thursday ...

No birthdays this week, thank goodness, as I've just about seen enough birthday cakes to last me the rest of the year!  My birthday is next week but I'm trying to plead out of having a cake.

I feel like a lot more on track this week than I was last week .. I guess that's something to do with taste testing 3 birthday cakes, but who's counting ...

Here's todays nourishment ...

Breakfast ... Muesli with berries and milk.  I was fed up with the store bought ones so I started throwing together my own years ago.  Here's the ingredients if you want to give it a go yourself.  And a coffee ... how could I possibly forget my morning coffee!

Morning snack ... I boiled an extra egg this morning for the kids so I ate it this morning.  Full of protein!  And a kiwi fruit ... I'm feeling the need lately for some extra Vitamin C.

Lunch ... Chicken wrap.  It was huge and I was stuffed! 

Afternoon snack ... Rice cakes with cashew spread ( homemade ) and a dash of agave.

Dinner ... Tandoori lamb cutlets with salad.  Ridiculously easy to throw together and cook when Miss 11's swimming training runs right into dinner time!
I also had a small hot chocolate for dessert .. I felt like I needed something little.

I'm also trying very hard to increase the amount of water I am drinking as I've been feeling a little dehydrated.  Especially in the mornings when I head out on a run.

How did you go today?  Did you have a little indulgence at the end of the day?

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Stay active, stay healthy!



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