Can you spare a thought?

I had plans of starting my Monday Motivation posts again today.

Then last night the power went out and is still out .. It's only been 14 hours now.

So instead, today's post is to ask that everyone spare a thought for those who are a little worse off than ourselves. The families further north of here that are currently flooded and those who are likely to flood tonight or tomorrow. The bureau of meteorology is now predicting thunderstorms for this afternoon and evening!

I had also planned to so some baking for school lunches and for Baked Relief** ( the fabulous people who are feeding the SES workers and those who have been evacuated from their homes ) however with no power it has made it somewhat difficult ...

Also a reminder to enter The Fitness First giveaway for an iPod Shuffle. I am supposed to draw and announce the winner tomorrow morning. I will endeavour to do so if and when I have power and an Internet connection. Hello McDonald's wifi! I forgot to mention I am also unable to charge the iPad or phone but I'll work on that!
** Check out for more info on Baked Relief and how you can help ..

Stay safe and dry everyone!

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Thinking of all of you up North, keep safe, nature is scary!