More thinking ... and a bit more doing!

As I have alerted you to recently I have been a little less than committed about setting goals and I've applied the same commitment to acting upon my "goals".  I've done a lot of thinking, however I'm still not exactly sure exactly what I want to do or even why I want to do it. Well that's not exactly right .. I have a picture in my mind of what I want my body to be like ( don't we all? ). One day I am going to get a bit closer to what I think it is that I want.  It's not that I'm not happy with my body or my health or fitness levels .. There's just a few changes alterations that I would like to make.

Enough talk .. It's time that I set some goals on paper .. Well I'll put them out there in cyber world to float around anyway. Hopefully having them out there for all to see is going to keep me honest.  And before you ask ... No I am not going to show before pics or stats, not my thing I'm afraid! Sorry 'bout that!

As I have mentioned previously, my training schedule in September was a little less than regular. In my defense I kind of planned this. My goal for September was to just stay a little bit active .. nothing structured, whatever I felt like doing as long as I did something at least 3 - 4 days per week. This time has actually helped me work out what I want to do training wise for the next few months. Roll in October ...

This is the month that I am going to get back to running.  I found out that I "sort of" miss going for a run .. a chance to blow out some cobwebs! The other thing I found out was that I have lost a lot of my running fitness .. this is particularly annoying as it takes so long to build up!! So October for me is back to basics .. running 101 .. No high heart rates and lots of run / walk intervals at the moment! This is going to be great base training and will set me up for when I start training for the Half Marathon again next year.

My next line of thinking leads me back to my sugar free month .. Yes, I survived a month without sugar.  Since then I have not used quite the same discretion in my diet. Not without the lack of ( again ) thinking about it.  I think about it .. what I don't do, however, is ignore the thought. I am being a little, let's say, liberal with my extra curricular food choices.
New goal, and not just for October .. It's back to sugar free for me! Don't fret, I'm not going completely crazy.  I'll be setting up for dessert once or twice a week and I may partake of the occasional piece of chocolate .. I just need to tighten it up a bit.

Lastly, I'm starting work on changing my body composition. Well, not really starting .. It's something that I'm conscious of keeping within the healthy ranges at all times. A big incentive for me is that I am a role model to my clients and members every day.
I'm going to track the changes by keeping an eye on the measurements I haven taken in the past. The scales will also reflect a little change but I think for me it's going to be more about how I look rather than the number.
Maintaining my muscle mass and losing an extra kilo or two of body fat will get me pretty close to the leaner look that I am after. I don't plan on getting to the stunning fitness model look ( don't tell me you wouldn't want to look like that! ) but I'll keep working on it! Besides, I really love the feeling of being strong and having muscles that I can see a little bit!

Ultimately, my goals are to maintain my health, get my cardio fitness levels back to where they were a few months ago, and maintain my strength and lean muscle mass. Overall, I'm after a balanced, fit, and healthy lifestyle.

Wow, I just realised how long this is .. even for me!

Now that I have put this out there I'm looking forward to having my cyber friends keep an eye on me too .. This may make me a bit scared too!

Stay focused,  Stay strong
Fit Mum x