It's rest time ...

You know those people that go to the gym every day who look intent on building a muscle right then and there ... or they do a high intensity class and then head out to the treadmill for another 45 minutes sweat session? I sometimes wonder if these people are really achieving what they want from their training sessions.

Do they ever have time off or do they slog away day after day without missing a beat? Are they really enjoying what they are doing or has it become a chore and they feel if they miss a session the world will end?

I've been that person ..
I've ticked off those weight training sessions and calculated those cardio calories.
I must make sure that I can cross those training sessions off the calendar.

But then I started getting tired. And not just tired that you feel at the end of the day or end of the week. Tired that I felt that I just couldn't keep going without having some sort of nap. 
I would get through the rest of the day and head to bed at the usual time, wake up at the usual time and start again.
As usual I would train after work .. come home for lunch and nap again before starting the afternoon taxiing with the kids.  I was exhausted.  After a few weeks of this I just didn't feel like training.  After a few days off I would start the cycle again.

I got to the point when I finally realised that this is not what I want .. I was not enjoying it anymore.
I had to do something different.  Something that would let me do what I wanted and actually keep up some sort of routine.  I love being fit and strong and doing exercise .. But I do not like feeling exhausted all the time.  I still have work, my family and a life that I want to keep up with.

I've since changed my training to include a few extra rest days and changed the intensity of some of my sessions. God forbid!!!!

In reality I know the necessity and benefits of including rest days in a training program.  I need to remind myself of the importance of resting my body .. particularly after a hard training session.

Including rest days will help me to

*  recover for my next training session
*  reduce my risk of overtraining
*  improve my strength and fitness
*  build muscle, rather than beat it down
*  keep me sane for the family ( should this one be at the top of the list? )

Don't get me wrong .. I still train hard when I have to ... or want to ... but my training program, including rest days allows me to do this.

Please feel free to come and tell me how you totally smashed your last session, or how many calories you caned on the tready the other day!  I will be just as excited as you are, but I'm going to be just as excited when you tell me that your training program includes a few recovery days and these days off make you feel re-energised and ready to face up to your next session.  Just don't tell me that you smashed yourself and you are so exhausted you just can't face anything for a week ...

Speaking of rest, it's the end of the week and I'm looking forward to a few days off!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Stay focused,  Stay strong
Fit Mum x   


dietschmiet said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love that you know your body well and can adjust your training. I'm a LONG way from over-training, but have recently grappled with that concept of what I SHOULD do versus what I LIKE to do.

So many people whose blogs I follow / follow on Twitter etc are runners, so I decided I should try to run... but alas, I hated it and obsessed about it a bit.

I've decided that (for the time being at least) I should stick to what I enjoy and what I'm (therefore) motivated to do.


Fit Mum said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Deb, you should do what you like to do not necessarily what someone else tells you to do. The more you practice the more you will get to know your own body. Please don't try running unless you are ready .. maybe one day you can come for a run with me and I'm sure we'll have fun!!
Vic x