It's Friday! Wrapping up the week ...

This week seems to have gone by quickly!  I started out the week with lots of grand plans to do this and that ... now it's Friday and many of those plans that I had seem to have been brushed aside.  Ooops! 

I did manage to get some things done.  All the important things, like the hairdresser, you know! 

I also managed to fit in a couple of runs.  Last Saturday's long run I'm trying to take all the positives out of that one so that I can get myself in the right frame of mind for tomorrow's run.  I'm just not feeling the love at the moment!  It will come back, I know!  Maybe when the sun comes out here ... we all know I don't like winter!

Monday       I do a recovery run on Mondays.  My legs felt really heavy and quite stiff still after Saturday.  I put that down to a long pull up a hill that worked my hamstring / glute just a little more than I would have liked.  It was the first real hill that I had run since straining my hamstring a little while ago.  I also managed my yoga stretching which I have been missing ... I promised myself I would do this! 

Tuesday       I was running errands most of the day but I still managed to fit in a really short strength workout.  Working on the concept that a little bit is better than nothing at the moment! 

Wednesday   I started out early this morning with a client and then had time for a quick speed session before taking the kids to school and getting to the hairdresser!  It was freezing!  And the speed session hurt! My poor legs!  Yes, my hamstring / glute was really sore for the rest of the day.  It is possible I ran just a little too fast, but I did it!

Thursday       I was out and about again and with some niggles in my hamstring I really didn't want to push another run before I head out for Saturday's long run. 

Friday           Today is my usual rest day.  Some light stretches for my legs will be called for today! 

On Monday I did a post here challenging myself and you to spend some time quietly with yourself, not reading or watching TV.  Just focusing on you .. meditation, stretching, whatever you wanted to include.

I'll be honest and say I haven't done the best job this week.  I have done one yoga session .. a bit pathetic really!  My meditation has been a bit half hearted, however I have been doing it as I get into bed each night.  I have been taking time to focus on my breathing and relaxing my body ... not perfect I know but I've tried to still my mind even if it's just 5 minutes!

How did you go this week? 
Did you get in all your training sessions and are you happy with them?  
Did you find some time to focus just on yourself? 


Kek said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Quiet time always seems to elude me too. I'm trying hard to incorporate some meditation in my life and starting with ten minutes a day. So far, I've managed ONE ten minute session in the past week. Good going... LOL

Training is rarely a problem though - I always manage to prioritise that. Hmm, I obviously need to make meditation just as important a priority.