Football Food .. Fit Mum Style

So if you live in Queensland or New South Wales you may be aware that there is a very important game of Rugby League on tonight. No, oh well, read on anyway I'm sharing a family favourite recipe!

The State of Origin clash between Qld and NSW tends to stop many .. but not all .. households in the respective states. There will usually be quite a bit of yelling at the television, cheering and possibly tears ( if you live in NSW of course ... ). Of course if you are actually at the game then, well, aren't you the lucky ones!

My house is no different. Personally I don't tend to do much yelling, unless the ref is a clown or Qld are scoring. Sometimes I may not even watch the game ... I mean it's the same night as Offspring, surely someone could have planned that better?

Anyway, moving on .. Apparently because it is such an "important" game we are required to eat football food ... More specifically, hot dogs.

As you can imagine, I'm not the biggest fan of the hot dog. Yes, I will agree that it can taste rather delicious but I do sometimes wonder what is actually in it .. I'm not sure if there is really meat in there, is there?

So I decided to compromise and I make chicken dogs ... I think maybe I need a better name ... Suggestions accepted ...

I won't tell you that they are the most healthy option but they certainly get the thumbs up from the family.

Here's what I use ...

Chicken tenderloins crumbed in spiced panko crumbs .. You choose your favourite spice. I use Sumac for just a little citrusy bite. Then I bake them in the oven.

Of course, hot dog buns ... I try to buy wholemeal / whole grain but I can't always find them

Red onions, caramelised
Pancetta .. Diced and fried in a little of the oil used for the onions
Grated cheese
Your choice of condiments ... The usual mustard, sauces etc ...

Remember, I didn't say they were the healthiest choice but they do include real food ... And I made them myself so they are super yum!

What do you have for your special "football food" on big game nights?


Kek said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

We don't do football or football food in my house. But we do like a homemade burger or pizza - and I think they're way tastier than the mass produced bought ones.

I'm with you on hotdogs; I dont remember the last time i ha one and wouldn't care if I never ate another Frankfurt in my life. A proper hand made gourmet sausage though, or something yummy like your tenderloins in a roll with all the extras? Those I could definitively go for!

Debbish said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm not a football fan, but bizarrely I was at my mum's that night and had to try some pizza bases for a sponsored post, so we had pizza on game night.

I didn't have too many veges on mine, so it could have been healthier, but I kept the cheese to a minimum. ;-)