Rose-Hip Vital .. A Natural Anti-inflammatory

What do you do when you've had a tough workout and your muscles are aching? 
What about when it's a bit more than just muscle aches?  What about inflammation?

I'm of the party who prefers not to "take" anything to relieve said aches and pains, especially not anti-inflammatories.  I have been known to use an anti-inflammatory gel occasionally when I have inflammation.  This has been the case over the last few months with my arm / shoulder.  Thankfully it settled a lot with physio last year but every so often it flares up. 

When I was offered the opportunity to try a natural anti-inflammatory, I was more than happy to give it a go.  Rose-Hip Vital with GOPO is a powerful antioxidant made from 100% pure and natural Rosehip and a rich source of natural Vitamin C.  Rose-Hip Vital's anti-inflammatory properties suggest that it may help to increase joint mobility, relieve inflammation and joint swelling, such as that experienced by those who suffer from Arthritis pain.

I don't suffer from Arthritis, but I certainly have pain and inflammation on occasion.  A recent review published in an Australian Medical Journal suggest that Rose-Hip Vital has a similar anti-inflammatory power to that of leading prescription NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) although it's mode of action is different.

Whatever the case, I'm giving it a go with the inflammation in my arm.  

What do I think?  Well, I can't be sure as I did take quite a bit of time off training.  I've been back into it over the last month or so.  Not to the extent I was training previously, but a modified version.  I still have a little bit of pain occasionally, but nothing like I was experiencing a few months ago.  Maybe the Rose-Hip Vital has helped, along with my reduced training.

The downside of using the supplement, taking the capsules.  I am notorious for not taking vitamins etc but I will continue taking the capsules ( when I remember ).  The other thing that is a bit of a turn off is that you have to take so many!  Initially they suggest that you take 5 (!!) in the morning and 5 (!!) again in the evening.  This can be reduced later into a maintenance dose of 5 per day .. Let's just say I don't do exactly that.  Two in the morning and two in the evening is about all I can do .. otherwise I'll rattle and you'll hear me coming!

Would I recommend Rose-Hip Vital with GOPO?
Yes, I probably would for someone who suffers from pain and inflammation as part of their everyday life.  As always however, check with your medical doctor or pharmacist to ensure it does not react with any of your current medication.

Please visit the website for more information ...  Rose-Hip Vital

Stay healthy & active!

** I was provided with a supply of Rose-Hip Vital capsules for the purposes of the review.


Robs Con said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I use rose hip oil on my dry skin:) I didn't know that it was such a great anti inflammatory.

Vicki said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@Robs ConI didn't know either .. and I also use on my skin especially in winter!