Do you love your Physio?

Have you ever been to a physio? 

I have, in fact I have been to several over the years. Usually for some "injury" or another. I have been lucky lately ( touching wood as I say this ) that I haven't required the services of a physio. 
The last time I required the services of a physio was when I tore my calf muscle during the Gold Coast Half Marathon 2 years ago.

My physio at the time was great. She assured me that with a few weeks off running ( make that 6 weeks! OMG! ) I would be back into it and with no dramas, albeit slowly. They really do know their stuff .. they are the professionals that we turn to when we aren't quite moving the way we should be or want to be.

'Whether they are treating children with developmental problems, adults with chronic disease or injury, or older people at risk of falls or stroke, physiotherapists play a crucial role in keeping Australians healthy and strong,' APA President Melissa Locke said.

'Australian physiotherapists are world leaders in the areas of clinical and professional practice. We want to help the public celebrate the valuable guidance, motivation and education that their physiotherapists provide,' said Ms Locke.

To celebrate World Physio day on 8 Sept the APA ( Australian Physiotherapy Association ) is running a competition where the lucky winner wins an iPad and $1000 cash.

To enter, simply tell the APA in 50 words or less about your APA physiotherapist and why you Black heart (cards) them! Send your humorous, inspiring or heart-warming story, along with your name, address and contact number, tothe APA at, or PO Box 437 Hawthorn BC VIC 3122 or via their promo app on facebook.
For all of the details, check out

Get to it FitPeople!  Tell your physio why you love them and celebrate them on World Physio Day!  Oh and maybe win an iPad!

PS .. The competition is open to Australian residents only!


Deb said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I saw a physio a few years ago who was AMAZING! But just after my first visit to where she worked (at Albion in Brissy) she went on maternity leave and then moved elsewhere. I keep getting suggestions but have tried a few others.

I had 10 visits to one (expensive physio and pilates studio in Brisbane city) and didn't really feel much better than when I got there (ie. my hip probably would have healed itself in that time and I don't know what else they offered - 'cept I was out of pocket about $700!).

Haven't really tried anyone new since then - no bad injuries! (Thankfully!)


Vicki said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@Deb Sometimes they just don't seem to work do they and it really does feel like a waste of money! No injuries means you're on the right track!

Marionne said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Physio Gold Coast has been a big help to many residents in the community. The good physiotherapist provides relief from pain and injuries that they are experiencing for them to be able to get back to the things that they do.