Relaxing with some holiday exercise ...

This week is the first week of school holidays in Queensland. I have been counting down to this week for a while now. It's time for some rest and relaxation!
We have been lucky enough to be able to spend a few days on the coast, which is my favourite place to relax on holidays.
Even though I'm on holidays I don't take a break from exercising. It all just seems a bit easier because I'm not having to squeeze in a run or a workout at a crazy early hour in the morning or after work.
I know its obvious but I love going for a run or a walk while away from home. We usually stay pretty close to the beach so there are a lot of runs beside the beach and I get to check out some gorgeous scenery while I'm getting in my workout! Bonus!
I snapped a gorgeous pic on the family morning run .. It was of the surfers out early with the first waves of the day ... I'll edit later!

This week I also brought with me a yoga DVD and my mat. I've been feeling a little tight lately as I haven't been stretching enough and I have found that yoga is really helping especially releasing my hips.

Last evening we headed out for another run. This was our turnaround .. mind you, the hill we had to climb to get there was "challenging" but so worth it! You should see the pictures ... Well you would able to if this crazy blogger would recognize the iPad has photos on it!

Do you keep up your exercise routine while you are on holidays? Do you change it or stick to the same thing?

Fit Mum x