Body On the Go Shaping Protein Shake ..

Remember I wrote about Body for Women Lo Carb Bars last week?  Well this week I'm going to do a quick review of the Body On the Go RTD Shaping Protein.

So what is it?

Body Science describe this as a "perfect companion to your health and lifestyle needs".
A "high protein, low sugar, low fat and a great source of fibre.  These protein shakes unlike others on the market provide you with all the nutrition your body needs to get toned and slim without the unwanted calories from sugar and fat".

Who doesn't want that!?

So why do you need it?

Apart from what Body Science have said above?  What else do I need to say other than, it's better than grabbing a "fast food" snack .. or worse still, nothing!

When you do want to drink this?

I ask one question?  When was the last time you left the house, racing off to pick the kids up or drop them off somewhere, you are hungry but just didn't have a chance to eat between trying to find soccer boots and dance clothes.  Or great as a post workout refuel before you get to your next meal.
You can always have before your workout, personally I'm not a fan of seeing it again on the gym floor .. if you get my drift ...

This is the right time for you to grab this protein drink.

Ok, now that you know this is a great alternative snack between meals and after your work, what did I think of Body On the Go RTD Shaping Protein.  I used the Shaping Protein drink as a quick snack between clients at work.  I don't always get a lot of time so I need something quick and easy.

I'm not the biggest fan of drinking my calories.  I don't always get the "I've satisfied my hunger feeling".  I will admit though, that I did feel full after drinking this.

The taste wasn't too bad, however the only thing I had trouble with was that they tasted really sweet to me.  I tried both the Swiss Chocolate and Vanilla Creme and whilst both were really sweet I preferred the Vanilla .. the Chocolate one was a bit rich for me.

All up, not a bad choice if you need something quick and easy while you are running crazily from one errand to the next!

Fit Mum x