Getting back into the swing ...

Well we've managed to make it half way through the first week after school holidays and I can already see the tiredness in Master 6's eyes. Mine aren't far behind but that's another story!

As much as I miss the kids ( well, I do sometimes ) I do look forward to being able to get back into a routine and feel a bit more organised and in control.  No, I'm not a control freak, really I'm not! 
On holidays we tend to fly a bit by the seat of our pants, but I think this helps me to appreciate more the structure and routine that we have during term, especially when it comes to my eating and exercise.

Dinners, lunches and snacks are a little bit out the window during holidays which leads me to include a few extra things that I wouldn't normally include in my regular diet.

I usually plan the meals for the week then head out to do a grocery shop either on Sunday afternoon or squeeze it in somewhere on Monday .. I have been known to order online and have it delivered too! This way I am sure that I have everything I need to get dinner prepped and done without running around in the evenings. 

Another reason I plan my meals and snacks is so that I don't get lazy and eat too much of the things that I shouldn't. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely not perfect!
I don't always get it right and I don't always stick to the menu but it's there to keep me on track as much as I can.  And I know I've always got a healthy, nutritious snack when I need it.

So, these past few days I've been getting myself into routine again as I know this is key for me to not straying too far off track.  I don't want to have to do too much hard work to get back in shape when the weather starts heating up again!

This is what is on the menu at our house this week ...

Do you plan your weekly menu?  What's on your menu this week?