A coffee a day ...

Impending emergency averted ...

As any proper hostess would do, I have offered coffee to my guest.  
I go to the cupboard to get a new sleeve of coffee ... And realised we are almost out!
I know, how could I possibly have ALMOST run out of coffee!

What would I have done if I had run out? Buy a takeaway coffee .. Or do without? I couldn't possibly have an instant coffee ... In fact, the only instant coffee we have in the house is the stuff that my parents bring down so they don't have to use the coffee machine. ( I think they are scared of it )

I'm not addicted to coffee .. Really, I'm not .. but I sit down with my coffee every morning to check out what is on the calendar for the day.   My window of opportunity to relax before we rush off for the school run and work.

I don't rely on my coffee as a wake me up or even as a pick me up before training.
Coffee doesn't like me that much .. I usually have to visit the bathroom exactly one hour after finishing my coffee.
This, I can assure you is not that much fun when you are in the middle of a 10km run ... hence, no coffee before a long run.

I know some research shows that caffeine can actually enhance cardio performance, even help to burn more fat!  Hmmm, maybe I should brave those loo stops on the side of the track ...  

There is also research to show that too much caffeine is harmful to our bodies. I know for me that too much coffee gets my heart racing and can make my head a bit spinny. I really don't like that feeling, so I'm sticking to my one morning coffee.  Another in the afternoon if I am going out on Saturday night and really need to be alert ...  

Do you love or loathe coffee? Are you an espresso before training or to wake up type person? Or are you strictly a social coffee drinker?

Oh, that reminds me ... I must go and order some more coffee!

Fit Mum x   


Deb said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ha! Am not a coffee drinker, but a diet coke drinker. I gave up last year but started drinking it again.

I'm trying to prepare myself to give up again, but taking my time about it (one doesn't want to rush into these things!)