Sugar Free Challenge Update ...

It's been 6 days since I started my Sugar Free September Challenge. 

I will admit that my first thoughts when I decided to go Sugar Free, was whether I would actually be able to do this. 

The first few days, I really didn't notice anything different to my usual diet ... snaps for me that I mustn't have too much sugar!  However, what I did notice, was the amount of sugar that is added to foods that I really did consider acceptable.  For example, WeetBix, a highly recommended breakfast cereal has sugar added, albeit only a small amount.  Also, the rice crackers that the kids get as a snack have added sugar ... there are numerous others also. 

While I have spent a bit of time in the last few days reading food labels extra closely, I am building up a list of foods that do not have extra sugar added.  And I'm finding different ways to provide flavour to a bland dish.  Vanilla and cinnamon added to my oats in the morning take that plain taste away ... no sugar, honey or maple syrup!  It's a basic one but it works!

Mr Fit Mum also decided that he was going to join me in our Sugar Free September, however he does not feel that getting "ridiculous about it all" is his thing.  He is going to be abolishing all the obvious ... chocolates, biscuits, cakes, soft drinks, desserts ... all the while being "mindful" of the added sugars in our usual foods.

Miss 9, who, on her own, decided to become Sugar Free over September also, is being very diligent and careful with her food choices.  I must say I am very proud!  Her one relief was her Netball break up party .. there was going to be lollies and chips and soft drinks.  Now what sort of mum would I be if I told her she couldn't have any of it ... instead, I told her that it was her choice to do the challenge and it would be her choice if she chose to eat the sugary foods. 
I will now proudly say that she did partake in a small glass of soft drink, 2 lollies, 1 biscuit and 4 chips ... I think she was very proud too ... she even declined a Freddo Frog!!
I think my girl is going to learn something during this challenge!

Lastly, I will update on Master 5.  He has declined to join the challenge as this would mean he had to give up lollies.  That is all.
I will add however, that what Master 5 does not realise is that Mummy will be feeding him sugar free foods as much as is possible for me to do in an effort to rid him of his need for sugar!

This week I'm going to be baking snacks for us to eat .. all sugar free, so I'll be finding new ways to replace sugar in recipes.  I'll keep you posted on how this goes! 

Let me know how you are going with any challenges that you are treating yourself too!

Yours sugary free ...

Fit Mum x   


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We've got three birthdays next week, so I am sitting this one out :)