Me getting organised

Well it's that time of the week again when I sit down to plan the week .. well sort of.  In my house, things don't always to go plan but I like to think that I can control something, sometimes.
Really, the only thing that I do like to have thought out to a degree is my menu with meals for the week.  I know, it sounds completely anal doesn't it? No really, there is my logic to it. 
Firstly, it makes me feel organised.  I don't have to get to 5 o'clock and empty the fridge in a panic wondering how I am going to make a healthy meal for the family.  When I plan the meals for the week, I make sure that I have everything I need to prepare the meal as it's all on the grocery list.  Of course, more often than not I am known to forget things ...
It also makes it a bit less stressful on those days when there is netball training or dance practice around dinner time.  And it helps hubby on those evenings when I have to go to work, everything is ready for him to get dinner when he gets home.
Secondly, when I plan the menu, I know that we are eating a reasonably healthy, balanced meal which is so important for training and making sure my clothes keep fitting me!  The kids are learning also, under sufferance, what constitutes a healthy, nutritious option for a meal.  

Don't get me wrong, I am not as regimented as it all sounds.  There are days when we don't feel like what I've got on the menu ... so it gets changed.  It may just be a swap with another day, or that meal gets scrapped entirely and we eat something else.  I usually leave one day out as well ( usually because I can't be bothered thinking of another meal ) and this might be a takeaway night or we just go with what we feel like on the day. 

For me to be able to train, work, chase after the kids and try to keep life from going totally off track, I plan healthy, nutritious meals in advance.  It might be a small thing but it helps me.

Fit Mum x