Another week begins and I am planning my training and where I am going to fit in what I want to do between work, hubby's training, school, kids sport.  Last week I am happy to say, I succeeded in getting in my 5 days of exercise and I did increase my water .. but alas, the weekend came along and I forgot to keep it up!
I think maybe I pushed myself a bit hard last week, or maybe I'm just not used to training as much at the moment .. I was physically exhausted by the end of the week.  Maybe I need to schedule a rest day during the week and throw in a workout on the weekend or maybe just cut back to 4 days at the moment?
Now that I know I can do it .. must put my mind to it and continue .. consistency is the key, isn't that what I keep telling my clients?

While I was still on a high from the week's adrenaline, I started thinking about planning my running training for the 1/2 marathon. 5 months seems so long away and I wonder if I can again push myself to do all the training.  I'm really not a big fan of cold, dark early mornings .. nor do I really love the long training run! But it's more the physical challenge of pushing myself .. this year I am going to crack the 2 hours! I keep thinking about last years 2.02.04 with a torn calf muscle and figure that if I concentrate a bit more on consistency now, surely I can do it!

That being said, my first training run of my yet to be planned training program was this morning.  It's still light and not that hot in the mornings.  I know I haven't run for a week or so but the first 1k this morning and I really felt those training sessions last week.  Whose idea was it to mix up my training anyway?
I survived 6km and even though I was a bit slower than usual ... still pretty happy with the run.  With 5 months to go, I think I'm on track! 

Have a goal .. move towards it everyday, even if you start with baby steps, it's a start!!

Fit Mum x