Fit Mum Food Tip .. Chia Seeds

You've heard of them right?  Chia Seeds ... You've probably even used them on your cereal.  These teeny, weeny little seeds are quite the sensation and apparently your diet just isn't healthy enough unless you include these seeds in it!

So what is so fabulous about Chia Seeds ... and why should you include them in your daily healthy eating plan?

There are many benefits from eating Chia Seeds and I'm sure that more benefits will be discovered.  Here's a couple of reasons you may benefit from including them in your diet ...

Source of Fibre .. 28g of chia seeds have 11g of dietary fibre. Who doesn't need more fibre?

Source of Omega 3s .. still not as much as having a piece of salmon but it's still a source if you don't like oily type fish.

Source of Calcium .. For those of you who have an aversion to dairy it goes towards your daily intake to help prevent osteoporosis.

Source of Protein .. You need to increase your protein intake? A good option especially if you are vegetarian.

Help to stabilise blood sugar .. May be beneficial to those with diabetes.

Great for hair, skin & nails .. Who doesn't need all the help they can get? OK, well maybe that's just me ...

These are just a few of the benefits of adding Chia Seeds to your diet.

In the interest of balance, here's a few little disappointing factors about Chia Seeds ...

* They can be expensive .. don't feel that you are missing out and need to rush straight down to Woollies and pick yourself up a packet of Chia Seeds. 

* One tablespoon has about 70 calories.  I know, I know, we don't count calories do we?  This one sure packs a punch especially if you are partial to using some extra calories as a little treat after dinner .. what, that's just me again?

* The little suckers can get stuck in your teeth for hours!!

* For goodness sake, don't spill them anywhere .. you will be cleaning them up for years!

Where do I use Chia Seeds? 

There are dozens of uses for Chia Seeds.  All you need to do is consult with Mrs Google ( yes, I believe she is female and she knows everything, right? ) and she will bounce thousands of recipes back at you!  Use them in cereal, smoothies, slices, muffins, cakes, desserts, breads ...

Personally, I have used them in smoothies for the kids, I use them in my muesli or sprinkled on top of my oats.  I have a few recipes for protein / energy slices / balls that have chia seeds added.

Apparently you can also use them as an egg replacement in recipes!  Let me know if you've tried this, I'd be interested to hear what that is like!

Don't want to try them, then don't worry, you can still have a healthy, balanced diet and get all the nutrients you need without adding Chia Seeds to your diet if you don't want to!

Vicki x