Taper ???

This is the first week of my two taper weeks before my goal run .. the Gold Coast Half Marathon.  I'm happily not feeling pressured to keep my training according to plan!! 

As the run gets closer I haven't been sure whether I wanted to keep pushing myself in training, even though I wasn't feeling up to it ... or whether I take it easy to be COMPLETELY sure that I am fresh for the day.  I opted for the latter ... and I think it could be paying off!

I ran long on Sunday.  It has restored some confidence that I have been lacking in the last few weeks.

The only other run I did this week was 6km on the treadmill.  Pretty happy with that one too!

I'm trialling making up some cardio sessions by walking ( I know, it's not that much fun ) and rowing.  So far I'm happy I'm getting some cardio ( ?? ) without fatiguing my legs too much.  Without all the extra fatigue I am feeling a lot more prepared this week.

A longish run again on Sunday just to get myself in the headspace and a light run or speed work early in the week and that's it.  I've done all I can now and you know what ...

It's going to be alright on the day!

Now I'm off to start planning my food for next week ...

Can't wait to see everyone at the Gold Coast in 9 days!!

Stay focused,  Stay strong
Fit Mum x